Refund Policy

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase and you have completed the entire course and all ancillary content (as verified by our system), we will gladly refund your entire purchase price provided your request is received within the first 30 days of membership. This applies to new members only.  All requests for refunds must be submitted through the contact us page, and no refunds will be provide unless all ancillary work is scanned & emailed for completion verification and the member has attended at least one of the live workshops during their membership in it's entirety. Due to the significant discount offered we do not offer any refunds for the purchase of a Tax Sale Law Guides, Tax Sale Playbook Audio Version, OTC School, The Startup Package, or Lifetime Access to any of our programs.

Account Cancellation

Customer may cancel at any time to prevent future billings by logging into their account and clicking "cancel" in the membership dashboard, which will result in immediate cancellation. Customer may also cancel by emailing customer service, by submitting a Contact Us inquire through the link on site or by telephone. Any cancellations other than through the membership dashboard will take up to 24 hours to process. Upon cancellation all future billings will cease. There will be no prorated refunds issued.

Account Expiration and Rebilling

Monthly accounts will be rebilled a minimum of every 30 calendar days. Six month accounts are not rebilled and access will expire after 180 days from initial signup.  Lifetime accounts do not expire, are not rebilled and are valid for the lifetime of the specific product purchased.