Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need real estate experience? +

No! Absolutely not! One of the great things about the academy is that we start with real estate basics and build from there.

Don't these properties have mortgages? +

A tax foreclosure will wipe out nearly every lien (including mortgages) in most situations.

Can I do this in my state? +

Yes! Nearly every state has tax foreclosure laws that allow private investors to profit if they understand the process.  If you happen to live in one of the few states that aren't quite as profitable as the rest it is extremely easy to invest out of state! Some of the most profitable investments I’ve ever made were properties on the opposite side of the country.

Do I have to travel? +

Only if you WANT to! Technology has come a long way.  In many cases you can purchase, market, and sell properties all without leaving your house.

What types of properties are at tax sales? +

If it’s considered real estate and has a tax bill you will see it sooner or later. We’re talking everything here from a tiny unbuildable lot to a 1,000+ acre tract of land. I’ve even seen a 300,000 square foot retail center with many national tenants for up for tax sale! The selection is nearly limitless.

What's inside The Academy? +

Take a look at here to see all the features of The Academy.

Is my money guaranteed by the government? +

No! Absolutely not.  The PROCESS is guaranteed by the government (through associated tax forfeiture laws) but your money is never guaranteed . . . and RUN from anyone who says otherwise!!  Because there are no guarantees, it's important that you learn the proper way to invest so you can protect your own money.

Why do you teach about tax sale investing? +

Some people wonder "why would you teach this information?" Well there are a few reasons.  First I don't operate a charity; I do get paid well to teach this information.  Secondly and most importantly I can't begin to describe the fulfillment that I get when I receive an email from a student letting me know they made money because of what they learned from me. Watching a student grow from a very green beginner to learning the process of tax sale investing and making their first investment is incredibly rewarding.

Why The Tax Sale Academy? +

So, why should you choose to learn with us?

Three reasons:
1) We are doers. Casey has been investing in tax sale real estate for 15 years.  He has experience in a number of states and has held an interest in more than 1,000 properties.  This course isn't rehashed information for a book someone read.  It's also not information that doesn't work "in the real world."  It's what we do. Everyday.

2) We teach strategies that aren't the "same old stuff."  Throughout our course, especially in our unconventional selling sections, we teach strategies that noone else does.  Using the same old strategies, the same old ways, produces the same old results.  If you invest the same way everyone else does, you'll get the same results. We don't believe in this method.

3) We produce results.  We have consistently seen that students you are active members in the academy, and who actually apply what they learn can be succesful investing in tax sale properties.  If you have the effort and take action, you can be too!

Do you teach about tax liens or tax deeds? +

The tax lien and tax deed property research process is nearly the same regardless of what your investment plans are.  Although the course was originally designed to teach about tax deeds, much of the information inside can be applied to tax liens as well!

Difference between a tax lien and a tax deed? +

In short if someone fails to pay their property taxes a tax lien is auctioned off. The winning bidder might be the person who accepts the lowest interest rate in exchange for that lien or the person who pays the most amount of money for the lien. That person gets interest on their money when the owner pays the late taxes. If they don’t redeem the property then the lien holder can foreclose the lien.

In other situations/states the county “holds” that lien and after a certain time period the county actually sells the property not a lien. This property can then be held or resold by the investor.

Should I invest in Liens or Deeds? +

It depends on your objectives.  I used to HATE the thought of putting my money anywhere to just earn interest.  The older and wiser I become, however, the more I have seen the benefit of investing in something and earning 10-15% back.

Generally speaking, you will earn interest on your money with liens.  Liens will usually get redeemed and you won't have the additional steps of marketing and selling.  With deeds, you will need to sell the property in order to realize your profits.  This does take extra time, but it also provides a cash windfall for those efforts.

The most successful investors invest in both liens and deeds.

Do I need credit? +

There are numerous ways without using credit to fund your initial investment that is discussed inside the academy. You can invest without using loans, banks or mortgages. Once you have the first deal done you can continue to invest by rolling the profits into more properties.

I don't live in the US, can I still invest? +

Yes! There is not a requirement to live in the United States in order to buy and sell property that is. You can easily invest in tax sales properties in many jurisdictions from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection!  With that said, always check the local rules to make sure you'll be able to participate easily.

How long will The Academy take? +

Honestly . . . it depends.  It depends on the effort you put forth.  It depends on your ability to grasp to concepts.  It depends on your desire to continue learning.  It depends on many factors.  There is no single timeline that fits everyone.  We've had students in The Academy for 60 days and others for 3 years.  Additionally, we constantly provide updated and ongoing training.  Instead of looking at it was a cost to join, look at it as an investment in your future.

Will I have to fix up the properties? +

No!  I generally resell my properties without doing any repair or remodel work.  With that said, some students actually enjoy the process of remodeling homes and do repair the properties.  It is absolutely not required, however.

What about the competition? +

I've been to auctions before where I was the only person in the room besides the auctioneer.  I've also been to auctions with thousands of attendees.  In The Academy we teach you how to thrive in both situations.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime? +

Yes, absolutely! While we hope you will continue to be a member to enjoy the benefits of the continually updated information, we know there is nothing worse than not being able to easily cancel a membership.  All you have to do is login to your account, scroll to the bottom links and click on "My Account" then click on "Cancel."  It's that simple; no emails, no phone calls, no games, no aggravation.

Can I call you? +

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer phone support with the exception of our private coaching calls (available to members here).

We actively invest.  And because of this it's difficult to take a call while sitting at an auction or doing a site visit. 😉

This is part of what we feel is so valuable.  We know what works today and we are always finding strategies that set us apart.  We don't teach old information and we don't have "coaches" who were taught information so they could reteach it on the phone.

You are always, however, welcome to email us.  An account specialist will respond within one business day for account and general information questions.  And Gold members will receive a personal response from Casey Denman for their tax sale questions.

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