Delaware Redeemable Tax Deed Sales

In this video we teach about Tax Sale Investing in the State of Delaware.  Delaware is a redeemable tax deed state.  In a redeemable tax deed state the actual property is sold after tax foreclosure and then the former owner has one last opportunity to redeem the property (pay the delinquent taxes).  If the taxes aren't paid the investor becomes the owner.  This differs from tax lien states where a lien is sold against the property giving the owner the right to collect the back due taxes and earn interest.

  • Redeemable Tax Deed State / Monition Sales
  • Sale Dates Vary Depending on Quantity of Properties
  • Registration Required & Deposit May Be Necessary
  • All Sales Must Be Confirmed by Superior Court
  • 60 Day Redemption Period AFTER Confirmation
  • If Redeemed, Investors Gets Investment Back Plus 15%

Delaware Counties and Populations:

1 New Castle County 559,793
2 Sussex County 225,322
3 Kent County 176,824