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Today I wan to talk about tax sale evictions. This is something that a lot of people stress out over. And truthfully, it’s something that should be concerning. Most people have two concerns. First, you’ll feel bad for kicking someone out of the house they live in. And I get that. The second one is that the person you kick out will come after you or will torch the house. And I get that one too.

I’ve dealt with plenty of occupants and yes, I’ve even had houses burned down before. But the idea of forcing someone out of the house they’re occupying is a bridge I don’t care to cross too often. It’s just not a fun situation to be in.

There are a few ways to approach this so it’s as easy as possible for you.

The first way is to avoid the situation entirely by skipping the occupied properties. If someone is living there just don’t buy the property. Drive by the property a few times at night and see ifyou see lights, vehicles, that kind of that. If you can’t drive by because you’re not local, pay someone who is local to do it for it. As tax sale investors, we choose the properties we want to invest in. Occupied properties can certainly bring it’s own set of challenges. If you’re not prepared to tackle that challenge, then simply skip the property. It’s that easy and is something I recommend for many people.

The second approach is the one I recommend and that’s to be fair and well, offer them cash in a cash for keys type arrangement. This will require you to communicate with them. Talk to them and explain the situation. I’ll always refer to myself as the middle man who just works for the company, even though I’m also the owner of the company. Let them know that you need them to vacat the property, but you understand that it could be a stressful or challenging time for them and you’re prepared to help them start the next chapter of their life by giving them some money IF and that’s the most important part, IF, they can be out within a set time period. Now, the amount of cash to offer and the amount of time to offer them will be situation dependent. It’ll also be up for you to decide. The entire idea, however, is to get them out of the house peacefully.

The last main approach is to evict them through the court system. What might happen a lot of time is the occupants will avoid you entirely. And you won’t have an opportunity to work with them. And then you’ll go through the eviction process and a notice to vacate the premises will be posted by local law enforcement. If you make a strong effort initially to work with them, knock on the door, even mail a letter or two, by the time the receive the notice to vacate, they’ll probably be searching for those letters to work with you. This would be their last chance to get some cash or be removed. Of course there are very vindictive people in this world that will still destroy the property, but their choice then becomes destroying the property and being forced out by law enforcement OR they can get some easy cash and leave. What I’ll typically do in this type of situation is schedule a meeting with the owner on the day they’re supposed to leave, I’ll meet them at the house, speak with them and give them cash. It’ll be a quick 10-15 minute meeting where I wish them well. BUT, I’ll still have law enforcement schedule to come out about 30 minutes after my meeting with the former occupant. That way if there are any issues with the occupants or anything that’s left behind, it’s taken care of for me. I’ve seen drugs, paraphernalia, and even animals left behind before.

And when it comes to evictions, obviously check your local laws to make sure you know the process inside and out because some states are very friendly to occupants.

Other approaches to dealing with the occupants do exist of course, you could try to work out some sort of rent with them or resell the house, but that’s certainly quite a risk on your part.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to deals with occupants IF you decide you want to buy an occupied home in the first place that is.

Just always remember that being nice and understanding of other’s situation, while still holding your ground some of course, will go much farther than a bull in a chinashop approach.

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